David Eardley

david eardley

David Eardley has been in full time private practice for the last 27 years.
David manages and sees patients daily at the North East Foot Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
The parent company is Peacocks Medical Group that gave birth to Podfo.com.

For the last 5 years he has been involved in the development 3D printed foot orthoses and is the clinical lead for Podfo.
3D printing of foot orthosis much talked about , but poorly understood.

In this session David will share some of his experiences, from fitting the first commercial pairs in the world, through to what this approach can potentially offer.
Podfo is currently building a research lab to further test innovative new designs. Declaration of commercial interest as stated.

“ I am just an ordinary Podiatrist that has been lucky to be involved in an exciting period in my parent company. This has meant that I have been able to adopt a new way of thinking in foot orthoses prescription, rather in the way that the original gait model used the foot as one rigid lever, now we are seeing the foot as ‘dependant segments’- should our philosophy in foot orthoses prescription not be the same? ”

The Reality of 3d Printing of Foot Orthotics at the Coalface