Nathan White

Nathan White B Hth Sc (Hons) Pod

Nathan is the driving force behind Cobra9 Cycling Orthotics founded in 2009 and has spent a large portion of the last 10 years treating cyclists ranging from the weekend warrior through to the Elite National Road and Track Programs. Working in conjunction with coaches, bike fitters and Professional Cycling Teams, he has vast experience dealing with cycling footwear prescription, cleat adjustment and orthoses provision for cyclists. Nathan has also been contracted to educate Bike Fitters on foot based pathologies and solutions.

Nathan is also the majority owner of the Brisbane Continental Cycling Team and the Cobra9 Intebuild Development Team. He is also the majority owner of The Pedaler, a niche business providing Allied Health Care to Cyclists and Athletes alongside a fully equipped Workshop, Bike Shop and Cafe.

Nathan will be discussing common cycling based pathologies and some of the solutions to these problems.

Link to Nathan’s lecture